Discover Costa Rica & Dreamy Contentment!

A tropical oasis awaits you. Costa Rica offers some of the world's most amazing flora and fauna. Dreamy Contentment is surrounded by lush gardens replete with flowering ginger, red Jamaican, thick almond and wild mango trees alongside our silky volcanic beach. Quiet your mind as our native birds produce a symphony and the monkeys swing from almond branch to palm frond displaying an assortment of behaviors as if actors on a stage here to delight your hearts and encourage your dreams.

Here at Dreamy Contentment, we focus on a tranquil natural setting so that guests can pause, relax, and rejuvenate their mind and body. Find your serenity and calm as you relax in our hammocks and dream by the sea leaving all your modern world troubles behind. And for those seeking a more adventurous holiday, we have an assortment of fun!

Come and share your story and enjoy the local color and we promise a most serendipitous adventure, for sure.

Dreamy Contentment is only 3.5 hours by road from San Jose, or 20 minutes by air.